This country needs its own minister of racing ...

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It's a little cooler this morning

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

"You can’t have any successes unless you can accept failure."

George Cukor.

Velvet Voice and Astrofire

After yesterday’s very muggy and oppressive weather, it is much nicer this morning with cleaner air, which is certainly a few degrees cooler. Unfortunately no rain is forecast, or looks like falling for the next couple of weeks, which is disappointing, but you can’t have everything. The flag is flying at the top of the pole again this morning with a full complement of staff and we have had a great morning with the horses. We have taken two lots on the Cambridge Road polytrack, doing fast work, and the rest have been on the Southfield Round canter and Hamilton Hill. All has gone as well as could be expected.

Astroblaze and Roof Garden

It was an odd race yesterday at Wolverhampton where Rum Ration got hampered early on and was never in a position thereafter to get involved. It is imperative in these sorts of races that you get in the right place from the stalls. I suppose this is what six or seven of them wanted to do, hence the scrimmaging. I will be running him again pretty quickly and will also be adding a pair of blinkers to his racing tack. I have already schooled him over hurdles and he jumps well, so that is another arrow to our bow in the future.

Walking back from the Cambridge Road

There are headlines again on the front of the Racing Post with the BHA taking a prominent vet to court charged with passing inside information. I said it right from the beginning that when you can have a bet on a horse to lose, it is going to do nothing but harm to our sport and why we still let it happen I don’t know. In every sport you should bet on the winner, not on the losers, but we have allowed this to gain credence and headlines like this are going to do nothing but harm. Personally I can’t see the accusation standing up and it may be another knockback for the BHA, but they should bring a rule in stopping this sort of thing altogether, or as I have just said, it should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.


We have one runner today at Wolverhampton

Monday, 16 July 2018

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

Thomas Paine.

Cantering at first lot

After an unbelievably hot weekend the weather has continued in the same vein this morning. It is well into the high 20’s already and I am sure it will hit the 30’s as the day goes on. Thank goodness we pull out at 5.30 and get the majority of the horses out in the relative cool. We have a full complement of staff in, both yard and riders, so the flag is flying at full height and we have got on really well cantering them on the polytracks racecourse side.

     194_Roof     189_4-53
(L) Roof Garden and (R) Four Fifty Three


We have one runner today at Wolverhampton. Rum Ration runs in the first, the 5.40, one mile six furlong handicap. He has had a few problems since his last run and has had three months off, but has been galloping and schooling well this past fortnight and I don’t think he will disgrace himself today. We may have a few runners this week, but it all depends on the ground and whether it rains.

     198_Voice     201_Vision
(L) Velvet Voice and (R) Velvet Vision

It is fascinating to see different articles in the Racing Post today. The bookmarks are calling for early starts on Saturdays, like we have just had, when the programme book is beyond belief and we have got Southwell saying that the preparations for their floodlit pylons, so they can have evening racing, has started to take place. How long is it before we have 24 hours a day racing? You just couldn’t make it up.

All pulled up at the end of the gallop


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