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We need some luck

Tuesday, 07 November 2017

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."

Sir Winston Churchill.


What a difference a day makes - yesterday's foggy morning

It's another cold morning and it feels quite damp but there has been no real rain. Although we've had one non runner, we have been able to get on well this morning with horses cantering, going through the stalls, being broken in and leaving to go racing. All has gone very smoothly.


Velvet Vision leads the string

We have two runners today both at Kempton. Our first is Saint Anthony in the 5.15. He has had a couple of runs so far and this third one will qualify him for a handicap mark. He has been developing all year and will continue to do so. It will be interesting to see how he runs here tonight. Our other runner is at 7.45, when Indian Red runs in the two mile handicap. Once again one of our horses has a terrible draw as he is in stall 12. He has been running well without having any luck and he is certainly going to need some tonight.


Rum Ration

It was a great Melbourne Cup for the Irish with a clean sweep of the podium and I think that is the third time the Cup has gone home to Ireland. The English have not been able to win it yet but it's only a matter of time, and the majority of  the horses here in the race were European bred. The Australians have concentrated on breeding speed into their horses and consequently their staying blood has been dying out. My other comment about this race, and a generalisation about how racing is going worldwide, horse races like the Grand National and the Melbourne Cup could usually be guaranteed to come up with a fairy story with a rags to riches horse, trainer and jockey, but nowdays big money talks and you rarely get a smaller operator having a runner in this type of race.


    Garrison Law walks confidently round the yard


The case about a trainer betting on his own horse was finally heard yesterday at the court of the BHA. It is 3 years since the said race and bet, so what an unbelievably long time it has taken to come to the end. The trainer has had it hanging over him for all that time and, whether he is innocent or guilty, the BHA must get it's act in order to bring such hearings forward quicker.


The first good frost of the year

Monday, 06 November 2017

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

Lao Tzu.


The end of the season at Newmarket


The moon through the branches

We had the first good frost of the year this morning after a very clear night and a huge full moon. Thick freezing fog greeted us as well at first lot when we cantered on the Rubbing House polytrack. Only one non runner this morning and we have been getting on well.


Rum Ration

We have no runners today but will have several during the coming week. Our runners, at the last Newmarket meeting this season, were Lost The Moon and her half sister Ness of Brodgar. The former finished sixth and is starting to come back to form now. Her best races have been on the all weather and I shall be looking to run her again towards the end of the month. It was Ness of Brodgar's debut and she behaved impeccably in everything she did, in the saddling box, in the parade ring and in the race. The going had changed dramatically from the day before when it was firm, and she certainly did not like the soft ground she was running on. Most of the family have acted on the all weather and she is another who will be seeing the surface before the end of the year.


Roof Garden

It was great to see a couple of overseas winners bred at Dullingham Park, one in Florence and the other in Belgium. Astrolove's Big Bad Bob four year old won in Italy, and Barwick , who is now nine, continues his winning ways. It just shows what sound horses the stud produces. It is always rewarding to breed winners anywhere and especially for the stud staff who put in so much hard work.


The top of the Hamilton Hill

It was a marvellous Breeders' Cup with great TV viewing from 5 o'clock till after midnight. There were winners from Ireland, England and France and plenty of stories of rags to riches. The sharp nature of the track at Del Mar played into the hands of the locals, whose horses and jockeys certainly knew what they were doing. One or two races were run at breakneck speed and the winners were those ridden more patiently. It is a fixture late in the year for the European season and you have to have a special and well prepared horse to be competitive.


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