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We have one runner today at Yarmouth

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

"This is the nature of genius, to be able to grasp the knowable even when no one else recognizes that it is present."

Deepak Chopra.

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The Winn's visiting their horses Pageant Master (L) and True Calling (R)

It’s a windy morning but still very mild and as yet no sign of rain, and I am afraid the ground is drying up very quickly. We are starting to get anxious about when we will get some rain as autumn ground is very badly needed. Everybody is in this morning once again and we have been doing some very good exercise with everything. All has gone well.


Farne Odyssey and Four Fifty Three

Astrobreeze didn’t act on the fast ground yesterday at Yarmouth. I was pleased how she settled and crept into the race but once asked for an effort, she wouldn’t let herself go on the quick surface and Liam Jones looked after her. We will have to wait to get some much softer going and I will also be schooling her over some hurdles. Every jockey that rides her reports that she has ability and we are just going to have to be patient until the right conditions come along.

We have one runner today, at Yarmouth once again and I am just hoping the ground won’t be too firm for this filly. Garrel Glen runs at 3 o’clock in the seven furlong maiden. This looks a well above average race with some high class horses and several well related new comers. It could turn out to be one of those races that plenty of winners come from. Garrel Glen is only one of two fillies taking on the colts and the experience will do her no end of good.

Velvet Voice

There seems to be never ending lists of new bookmakers who are trying to get the punters money. There’s a very different one, Betconnect, to be launched and it seems very complicated to me. It is all about connecting to professional gamblers and once again you can back to win or lose. These are the sort of sites, along with the other overseas betting internet companies which take money out of the game and don’t put anything back. It is all above my head though. I am sure somebody will explain it to me one day.

The third Racing Post piece on the gambling industry is about the on course bookmakers who seem to be leaving the industry in their droves. The old fashioned bookmarker is certainly a thing of the past and the exchanges have ruined it for these men of the ring. I don’t know what the BHA are going to do about this situation, if anything, but if they don’t do anything the courses will lose the bookmakers and racing will start to lose its appeal.


We have one runner today at Yarmouth

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

"Flowers grow in inches, but are destroyed by feet."

Gardening Saying.


It’s a bright start once again and the temperature has held up very well, in fact it is short sleeve weather. I was just saying to Tim this morning that I haven’t had a long sleeved shirt on for ages. It is September 18thand we have not really had a proper autumn evening yet. The wind is certainly getting up though and it is very breezy out on the heath. It has been a good morning so far with the horses and with plenty of people in and all has gone well, unlike yesterday. We had a horse jinx and the rider fell off and had to be taken by air ambulance to Addenbrooke’s. Thank goodness there was nothing too much wrong, I think it was more the shock and severe bruising all over. We then had a horse with colic that had to go into the vets. She is still there, but should be ok and then driving to Kempton last night, my staff told me that the horse had moved a plate and trod on it. The farrier quickly put it right and we stood it in ice, but these are the things that can happen on a daily basis and everybody thinks training is easy.

Garrison Law

Four Fifty Three failed to fire last night and I don’t blame his foot for that. He was in the right place but we have run him right handed twice and I think he doesn’t like it. We will now resort to left handed or straight miles in future.

We have one runner this afternoon at Yarmouth in the 3.20. Astrobreeze runs in the one mile three and a half furlong handicap with Liam Jones riding. She hasn’t really run a bad race yet, and didn’t quite get the run of the race last time. She is not drawn too well at 10 but it is a long straight at Yarmouth and it wouldn’t surprise me if she ran ok today.

Velvet Vista

I see one of my old friends and the top class trainer Jack Berry, who has now retired, has written a piece in the Racing Post. Jack’s main theme is the poor prize money. He states we have the best racing in the world, but the prize money certainly doesn’t match it. He comments that in 27 years the prize money for certain races, especially the low grade ones, has not increased at all, but every other cost has. Certainly training fees have had to go up to keep control of the ever escalating costs for staff and suppliers, but owners administration fees have also increased and the only winners are the wages and pensions of the BHA staff and Weatherbys Bank, which seems to be untouchable. Jack came up with a few ideas of how races could be given certain conditions to help the middle to smaller industry members, but basically, the big yards are growing and are controlling the sport.

Walking back to the yard after exercise

We have had a couple of articles this week already on the betting industry and it continues tomorrow with a look at the on course markets. The gist of it so far is that the bookmakers have been making hay with the machines in the shops for many years now and with the spread of internet betting, and no restrictions on advertising, things have got out of hand. There is a major problem with gamblers becoming addicted and a lot of younger ones as well. The politicians are now beginning to twig this and the bookmakers certainly need to do something on a collective basis which can be seen to be helping the problem. The internet though has gone wild with betting sites and you can bet on almost anything that moves nowadays. This is a problem I am sure will take a long time to sort out.


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