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                 Four Fifty Three wins at                        Chelmsford


We have one runner today at Nottingham

Thursday, 03 August 2017

"Never ruin an apology with an excuse."

Kimberly Johnson.

The first of two canters up Hamilton Hill

TTMAB having his first canter

It’s a windy morning after being very wet yesterday. I think showers are the order of the day and will be for the next few days. We have been cantering on various surfaces this morning, Southfields turf, Southfields woodchip and a variety of polytracks on Racecourse Side. All has gone well and the horses seem very happy in themselves.

Going up together for their second canter

Our runner last night, Astrojewel, ran a fair race. She was very green for most of the time in what was pretty soft ground. She will improve enormously for this outing and I think we will see a completely different filly next time she runs.

We have one runner today. Clearance runs in the 5.40 at Nottingham, for three-year-olds only over two miles. He has had three runs so far and has not troubled the judge, but he is a horse that we have always like but has been plagued with a few minor problems along the way. He is clear of all those now and it will be interesting to see how he runs over this trip today. His dam stayed well and the sire won the Derby and is an influence for stamina. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him run a sound race, but he is one of those that will improve as the year goes on.


If anybody was watching Goodwood yesterday, they would have seen the torrential downpour with 35 mm of rain falling. This caused the ground to go really soft with a plethora of non-runners. It turned every race into a mud lark charter and it just goes to show that no horse is invincible, especially when the ground comes like this.

Our tipping didn’t go very well yesterday, although there were a few horses that ran ok. With the non-runners, which don’t count against the general loss, it doesn’t look too bad. We are both still a long way minus though. Let’s hope they get some sunshine there today and that everybody has dried out from yesterday. Our selections are below.


1.50  Kings Gift    2.25  Endless Time    3.00  Green Power    3.35  Winter    4.10  Cheeky Rascal    4.45  Ripley    5.20  Carlton Frankie


1.50  Addeybb    2.25  Harlequeen    3.00  Etefaaq    3.35  Sobetsu    4.10  Jedi Master    4.45  Roulette    5.50  Megan Lily

Totals so far

MHT: minus £82.50

Richard: minus £120

True Calling

Some tracks and many yards have what is known as an enclosed loading ramp. When you are putting the horse on the horsebox, the ramp comes down between two side boards and a back board, so once the horse is in the loading area, it can’t go sideways or backwards and the only way to go is forward into the box. These are cheap and simple to build. This is one of my bugbears as if you haven’t got one of these and they are awkward to load, you can waste a lot of time loading your own horse or waiting for others to load theirs. Leicester doesn’t have one of these and last night much delay was caused. I am going to write to everybody I can think of today, but especially the Racecourse Association, the BHA, and our National Trainers Federation to encourage any racecourse that haven’t got one of these ramps, to build one. It is amazing that this isn’t a rule as any horseman will tell you it is a must have.


We have one runner today at Leicester

Wednesday, 02 August 2017

"When equality is the aim, mediocrity is the result; when excellence is the aim, equality finds its true place."

Dr. Idel Dreimer.

Lost The Moon

Its overcast this morning with a few spots of rain in the wind, and the forecast is to pour later on. We have had a good morning with the horses, although we still have one staff non-runner. We’ve had plenty of use of the polytracks in close vicinity of the yard and we have been getting on with everything very well.

Two-year-olds cantering on Hamilton Hill

Four Fifty Three ran a sound race yesterday to finish fourth on ground that was drying up all the time. He is bred to stay well and I think once we get him over a mile plus, he will be winning races. I am delighted I didn’t run Velvet Voice as the ground was much too firm and once you get them jarred up at this time of year it takes forever to get them right again.

We have one runner tonight at Leicester where Astrojewel makes her debut in the 7.40, the six furlong fillies’ median maiden race. She is a filly we have always liked and will benefit greatly from today’s outing. We will start to know what trip and ground will suit her but let’s hope it doesn’t rain too much and turn the ground very soft.

Three of the string trotting

Glorious Goodwood got off to a fascinating start yesterday. I think we saw a very good two-year-old in Expert Eye and certainly a horse for the future in Stradivarius. It looked a very good performance by him to win a Group 1 as a three-year-old over two miles and he looks a strong St Leger contender. His sire, Sea The Stars, has always been one of my favourites.

There were some massive prices yesterday and it was a bookmaker’s bonanza with a 100-1 shot, a 50-1 shot and a 33-1 shot amongst the winners. Today I don’t think it will be very glorious at all, with heavy rain and wind forecast, it is more like a mac and wellies day, rather than a suit and panama. Our selections are below. Neither of us got off to a brilliant start, but at least I have nosed in front.


1.50  Frederic    2.25  First Nation    3.00  Battle of Jericho    3.35  Churchill    4.10  Last Enchantment    4.45  Titi Makfi    5.50  Sun Lover 


1.50  Aurora Gray    2.25  Wolf Country    3.00  Invincible Army    3.35  Zelzal    4.10  Lamya    4.45  Indulged    5.50  Mr Bossy Boots

Totals so far

MHT: minus £42.50

Richard: minus £70.00

Cooling down after exercise

There was no extra precautions taken at Yarmouth yesterday after last week’s debacle, and I don’t think there will be many changes to the system. As far as I can see, it was a one off mistake, which will have put everybody on their metal and I very much doubt it will ever happen again, but of course, never say never.


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