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The retention of staff is a worry

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results."

Jack Dixon.

On Hamilton Hill

We woke up to a very wet day and have had good steady rain since the early hours. It has just started to ease off a bit as the morning has gone on but it will have done the power of good once again. We are a bit short on the staff front this morning but everything is being done and another rider and yard person would be very handy. There is a big piece in the Racing Post today about the retention of staff and it makes for very interesting reading. When an independent research foundation comes out with the result that 42% of staff want to leave their current job within two years, 20% of staff are planning to leave the industry altogether within two years and 30% of staff would like to train to start a different career outside the industry, you know you are in for troubled times.

Moving well

There is a great article on John Magnier today on how he has shaped the bloodstock industry and more importantly the whole Coolmore brand. A most brilliant man who employs the very best of advisors and listens to what they say, but he is a horseman through and through and understands everything within the game. You cannot be anything but impressed.

Pulling out for third lot

It was very sad to read yesterday of the death of Willie Macauley. He ran Burton Agnes Stud in Yorkshire, was a larger than life character, always great fun and his staff all loved him. He will be very sadly missed by many people. Our condolences go to all his family and friends.


Bookmakers should act like bookmakers

Monday, 24 June 2019

"Flowers grow in inches, but are destroyed by feet."

Gardening Saying.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s a really warm morning and is muggy and very close. There are forecasts of thunderstorms but whether they reach here or not is debatable. I think tomorrow is the most likely time for us to get a downpour. We have been cantering close to home with the horses using Hamilton Hill as the main polytrack of choice. All has gone well. We have just been trying to get them in and out with the weather like it is. It is cooler in the boxes than it is in the open.

Velvet Vision

We had a few disappointing runners at the weekend although Astroman certainly ran ok on Saturday. Archie Bear took charge of his young rider and nearly went to Cambridge but all is well that ends well and no harm done. Isaac Murphy was again frustrating and I think we may find him a different life outside of racing.

Ness of Brodgar leading Velvet Vista

The headlines on the Racing Post today are about the bookmakers and how some of them refused to lay Dettori in multiples after his four timer. There are obviously a few who are proper bookmakers but the majority who restricted ordinary punters ought to have their licences looked in to. Overall the bookies won at the meeting and many made good profits, but if they are not going to behave in a proper bookmaker way, they shouldn’t be allowed to have a licence.

Off to get breakfast Bob?

Richard Marriott had a marvellous week in the tipping competition and finished £525 up with me minus £201.25. This is all to a £10 win stake on five days of racing. I hope some of you followed his information and not mine. Well done Richard and roll on Goodwood.


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