Ginger Lady runs today in the 5 o'clock at Chelmsford ...

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More rain is forecast for Thursday

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

"If fate means you to lose, give him a good fight anyhow."

William McFee.

Being washed down after exercise

After rain overnight we have had no more this morning but it’s been overcast and I think more is due, especially on Thursday. It’s been a busy morning in fact one of those mornings which drive you to distraction, but most businesses have these sorts of days and everything is soon forgotten. First lot galloped on the turf Between The Banks, which all went well. It was great to be back on the turf and I always love this gallop. Second and third lot kept to the Southfields Round polytrack where we cantered a mile and a half at a steady pace. Everything went smoothly.


We have one runner today late afternoon at Chelmsford where we run Ginger Lady in the 5 o’clock. She ran well there last time and I am sure will do so again. There are one or two in the race who have some reasonable form. It looks like we will be having several runners on Thursday and Friday and I am very optimistic about a good show from them all.

Astromerry having a pick of grass

It was interesting to hear this morning that most premier league football clubs don’t require spectators at their grounds to make a profit as the money from the TV company’s is so huge. I ponder the idea that most racecourses would make more money if they had no spectators, as they wouldn’t need all the staff numbers and would only need the stewards, medical staff and stall handlers. It is just me wondering after hearing the football news on the radio.


The horses are all very well

Monday, 13 August 2018

"You can always tell about somebody by the way they put their hands on animals."

Betty White.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s been a mixed weekend weather wise, mainly overcast but not cold. The occasional shower has helped the ground and I think it will continue a bit like this for the rest of the week. We have a full complement of riders in and have had a good morning with the horses showing their wellbeing in all sorts of ways. We have so far avoided having a loose one, whether it is out on the heath or picking grass in the yard.

Malcolm receiving feedback from Louis Steward

Our two runners at Chelmsford at the weekend were very green with Astrosparkle the better of the two. She had a very good blow afterwards and will improve a lot for the experience. Astromerry was a bit fractious beforehand once again and didn’t show much promise for the future. We will be having several runners this week, especially if we get a bit more rain.


Astromajor now aged six

There is a great picture of one of our old inmates above. Astromajor overcame so much after he was born to actually get on the track and run several times. He never troubled the judge but was a real gent in everything he did. He was born with his legs contracted slightly and had to wear splints for months to correct them. This he took with fantastic grace as it couldn’t have been easy and the vets and staff on the stud have very fond memories of him. He retired to a very good home with Janine Palmer who is absolutely delighted with him. There was a funny story when I enquired about how he was after a couple of months. She told me he was still on Newmarket time and asking what she meant she said he was very bright in the mornings, but always slept from 12 to 4 until evening stables then he woke up again.


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