Only one mare left to foal ...


What a glorious day

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

"Even Hundredfold grief is divisible by love."

Terri Guillemets.

Garrel Glen pulled out for second lot

It’s a glorious warm morning and at present we are 13 degrees. The odd shower is forecast and I just hope we get a good downpour and it continues for a day or two. It’s been a busy morning so far with the horses. We had an early lot go over to Long Hill Polytrack on Bury Side and did a good spin up the eight furlong track. Most of the rest have been on the Rubbing House and Southfields Round all-weathers. All has gone well.

Cantering Racecourse Side

I see that trainer Oliver Sherwood is another one that agrees with me that social media is a dangerous thing. He states it is peddling lies and misinformation about equine welfare. It is the perfect platform for animal rights groups and so called animal lovers who put out all this misinformation, not only about the racing world. We should, as an industry, be putting out the correct and genuine way horses are looked after by the people who love them and get on the front foot rather than be defending our industry all the time. The people who are against it will never stop as their one aim is to destroy everybody’s way of life.

Walking off the gallop after exercise

Our last mare is still hanging on but has now waxed up and hopefully will foal in the next day or so. I will be very pleased when the foaling has finished this year as everybody can then get some sleep and start to get back to normal. The mares that have been away at the vets are recovering, although we have had a blip or two along the way as you would expect, but the aftercare is absolutely brilliant and no stone is left unturned to find a solution. We are very lucky being in Newmarket with the veterinary practices we have.

Eddie, the hack, with Moonlight Graham


Rain is forecast - but when and how much?

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."

Diana Scharf Hunt.

Cantering on the Rubbing House Polytrack

It’s a funny morning so far in that it started off very warm, but has quickly got colder as the light has come up. I started off with just a jumper on but have now progressed to a big coat when I went out to watch them on the heath. We have definitely got rain forecast but when and how much is debateable. I hope we can get enough to take the sting out of the ground. All the racecourses are hedging their bets at present as they don’t know either and with watering stopped, it will be touch and go as to whether to run your horses or not. Everybody who should be in is in and the horses are getting a good canter, mainly on the Rubbing House polytrack. All has gone well so far.

Pageant Master leading Garrel Glen

There’s an interesting little article today in the Racing Post after an anti-doping conference held in London last week. The BHA has committed £1 million to fight what they call gene manipulation. This looks to be a problem in human sport and they must have a reason for thinking it will be used in our sport. It evidently improves performance, changes breeding outcomes and speeds recovery from the raceday effort. It even helps recovery with injuries. How all this works is very scientific and we will have to just hope that it is got on top of and we keep the industry as clean as possible.

Velvet Vision

We still have two or three horses for sale and why they are is beyond me as they are big, strong two-year-olds who have developed well, are sound and I know have plenty of ability. There are some new pictures of them today on the site and anybody interested, whether to buy them outright or come into shares, would go a long way to do better at the price. If anybody is interested please give the office a ring and arrange a visit. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


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