Onwards and upwards ...

Roof Garden ran a very sound race last night

Tuesday, 04 June 2019

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Warming up before exercise

Pageant Master

It’s an overcast morning with rain forecast for later in the day. I am hopeful that it may arrive and stay around a while as everything is desperate for it, the heath, the stud, the racecourses and everybody’s gardens. The forecasters seem to think it may remain a bit mixed for the next week. The horses are in great form, in fact we had a loose one second lot. She proceeded to gallop flat out up Hamilton Hill and then had a pick of grass at the top. Thankfully there were no injuries but it shows their wellbeing. I have been keeping close to the yard using Hamilton Hill and Southfields Round as our main canters and all has gone well.

Velvet Vista

We were delighted with Roof Garden’s performance last night where he finished second, beaten a neck. If it had been another 100 yards I think he would have won. The extra distance certainly suited and he may even get further in time. His handling of the Tapeta surface also opens up more options. I don’t think the handicapper will be too hard on anything in this race and I am sure more winning days are ahead, but at least we had a good runner which cheers everybody up.

Babochoff having a pick of grass in the paddock

There is a big article on being patient with older horses in the Racing Post today and as I always say patience is the main thing when training racehorses. However, time costs money and you have got to have the owners with deep pockets to keep these horses for the time some of them need. There is always a rush from most new owners into the sport to get them on the track, as you can understand from the cost point of view, but the majority of horses keep developing until they are at least five or six and if everybody can be patient it usually repays you. We have seen some very good examples of this in recent weeks.