Onwards and upwards ...

We worked on the Peat Moss this morning

Thursday, 30 May 2019

"Vision without action is a daydream. Acton without vision is a nightmare."

Japanese Proverb.

First lot working

It was cool enough when I came into the yard at half past five this morning but it has changed very quickly and is now well over 20 degrees and rising fast. It feels very close and I think the next few days will be quite oppressive to work in. We may then get thunderstorms which will clear the air. I read that this year the American mid-west has had more tornados and twisters than ever before. If the old adage is right in about 10 days’ time we could be in for storms. We have had a good morning with the horses and, with all the work riders in we have had two lots across the Peat Moss which was riding like an absolute carpet. You couldn’t hear the horses coming and then passing you as you watched. This is without doubt the best galloping ground in the world, but don’t tell everybody. All has gone well and the yard is working smoothly.

The second lot of workers on the Peat Moss

We have been moving mares and foals about into different pastures this week and starting to leave them out overnight. All has gone very well and it is amazing how they find the best place in each field, whether it is to sunbathe or get out of any wind or rain. Every year is fascinating to see how the mothers bring up their youngsters. Some are much better than others and some take on the role of matriarch. This year’s crop all seem very happy and contented and are a good even group of foals.

Mares and foals in their new paddocks

I was reading an article today in the EBN news. It was about how the pattern started and how it has evolved and what the debate is now on how some people think it should change. There was something put forward that it should be on Timeform ratings, but don’t forget Timeform is only a gambling book and their opinions, it is not an official handicap. The pattern works well at present and horses have to show ability on the track to get the black type. This is then transferred to their pedigree and catalogues. The pattern race committee meet every year and are now international so certain races are upgraded and some downgraded on how they have performed generally over the years. This seems to work well and when there is no need to change anything it is best not to. Sometimes, and especially nowadays people try to justify their jobs but in this case there are no needs to alter it.