Onwards and upwards ...

Another heatwave is on the way

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

"Freedom is not enough."

Lyndon B. Johnson.


It’s an overcast morning with showers forecast for this afternoon. Some quite heavy I am told but I will believe it when it arrives. The forecast is for it to get hotter than Spain this weekend with temperatures of nearly 30 degrees. It is amazing. I hope we then get some thunder and clear the air. Once again a good morning cantering wise with all the horses moving well and all exercises going as planned.

Velvet Voice

It’s very sad to see another trainer retiring - Mark Brisbourne. He cites business rates and escalating costs for some of the reasons he can’t continue. I am sure he will not be the last one by a long way if the powers that be, whether it be politicians in Westminster or the BHA in London, don’t start to do something about the prize money situation. Also the government generally need to start to support businesses both on the high street and on the farms. Everything seems to be put on the businesses and it doesn’t matter if you are large or small nowadays. With insurances, pensions etc., you are just a tax collector most of the time. We wish Mark all the best for the future and hope he finds an opportunity to stay in the game, he certainly deserves to do so.

Pageant Master

It is amazing how quick the Derby comes around and Saturday will see a field full of talent and potential. A well balanced horse that stays and can quicken is what is required and a good draw and positioning at all times is imperative. There have been some good finishes to the Derby through the years and this year’s Derby gives you the feeling that could be so once again. Often horses get in a bad positon coming down the hill, get unbalanced and only start to gain momentum a furlong out. If a horse hasn’t got it stitched up by the furlong pole in this Derby we could be in for an exciting last furlong, but as normal the best horse will win.