Onwards and upwards ...

When will we get any rain

Monday, 27 May 2019

"A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart."


A warming trot before cantering

It’s overcast this morning but the clouds are very high and quite wispy. It’s much colder with a good breeze, but the rain we have been forecast is at present non-existent. I am just hoping that we can get a good downpour or two which would help the tracks and the grass at the stud. It’s a quiet morning everywhere as it’s another Bank Holiday, but as I have told you before people who work in racing don’t know what a Bank Holiday is. The show just keeps rolling on.

On Hamilton Hill

Break Cover ran reasonably on Saturday. He got involved a bit too soon for his debut run and I think we will see him to better effect next time over further and easier ground. Mark my words he is a very nice horse for the future.

Our runner today has had to be taken out because he wasn’t quite sound this morning. I think he got cast in his box overnight and just pulled something. A few days on the easy list should put him right but we will be getting the vet in just to check him over. It is disappointing as he has been showing up well at home and would have run ok today.

Buttercups and clover

Thank goodness no horse died after the stalls incident at Goodwood over the weekend. The starter was just following procedure but I think the rules want looking at again. In this incident and especially with older sprinters like these were, it is very hard to pull them up after a false start. In fact it wasn’t a malfunction at all as all the levers that open the gate worked at the same time. Evidently it was just a horse pushing the gate with its head which, to the starter, looked like he had burst out. It is now unfortunate he will have to have a stalls test when it wasn’t his fault. There were several horses after the race very wobbly and from a welfare point of view this sort of incident needs looking into. Why they couldn’t just let the race run and if there had been an indiscretion just deem the culprit a non-runner, just like they do when horses refuse to leave the stalls. Common sense has to prevail.