Onwards and upwards ...

A beautiful spring morning

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

"What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth."

Jewish Proverb.

Second lot cantering

It’s a bright, quite warm day and very spring like with no wind once again. I don’t know how long it will last though as we are still way behind on rainfall and sooner or later it has to catch up. We started off alright with riders this morning, but one had to go home after first lot and we are also one short in the yard, both due to illness. Those that are in are doing a sterling job. It happens every day in every stable. I am sure it happens in every business and is the plague of any manager / trainer’s life. The horses are in tremendous form and I am so pleased with their wellbeing and how they look. In fact, I would go so far as to say we are ahead of schedule for the time of year.

Walking back home

After six days racing is now back on, albeit under completely brand new rules thought up over night by the BHA and their so called veterinary advisors. The small fields testify to that and there is only one place to point the finger at and that is the BHA and their veterinary panel. Julian Muscatt’s very good piece in the Racing Post today says it all. We have had a couple of stables test positive for equine flu, but so have Ireland. We have had a shutdown, they have just used common sense and kept going. We are paying our executives huge salaries and expenses to live in London, far away from the coalface. Do I have to say anymore? At long last common sense has prevailed. Apart from this new lot of rules, which will not do any good whatsoever but just causes much more paperwork and time wasting, we can now all get back on the track.

Moonlight Graham

The third instalment of five on stable staff is in the Racing Post today with trainers from both England and Ireland having a say. The facts are though the wages are fine, the career enhancement is fine, if the work ethic is there, but it’s the amount of racing which is not. If there were less racing the pressure would be off everybody as it is that which causes most of the problems. Also, in my opinion, housing is another thing we ought to take a look at. Good accommodation, whether it is affordable houses or affordable rents, would be a big incentive. The powers that be have brought this staff crises on themselves by the expansion of the fixture list and prize money being so low. There is no encouragement for new owners to come into the game at present. Whatever spin people put on it.