Onwards and upwards ...

The horses are looking in great shape

Monday, 11 February 2019

"Change always comes bearing gifts."

Price Pritchett.

Cantering in front of the stands

Out on Southfields Round

After a wet weekend, and a very busy one, it is a bit quieter this morning. It is a bright coldish start to the day with no wind. The temperatures are set to rise all week and I don’t think it is going to be too bad at all. I am disappointed that we are one rider short, but those that are in are doing a great job and the horses are in unbelievable form. They look marvellous and are showing their wellbeing when out at exercise. In fact it is amazing we have not had any loose ones this morning. I have mainly been using Southfields Round and cantering a mile and a half with everything.

Relaxed and moving well

It is very disappointing, but not surprising, that four positive swabs for equine flu were announced overnight. In any training centre, at any given time, you will have stables with infection, it is just inevitable. You hear the press constantly talk of stables that are in and out of form and it is only because the yard has either got healthy horses or ones with a respiratory problem. We are having a meeting at 11 o’clock with the great and good in Newmarket to decide our next move. I think we are doing everything possible as an industry in town with the biosecurity measures, non-movement of horses and as little movement of staff. I just wonder what the BHA are going to do about the restarting of racing as it will certainly be playing on people’s minds that their income is being greatly reduced at present

The horses are in tremendous form

There is the first of a five part special investigation of the industry workforce in the Racing Post today which is worth reading. It starts to explain the problem we all have. It would be interesting to see how the next four parts progress and what conclusions are reached, or put forward. I will be reading with interest and commenting as and when I feel it necessary, but with the problem we are having at present with leaving the EU and our immigration rules in limbo, it may take a considerable time before a new influx of workers will be coming our way.