A Royal Ascot winner goes to the States ...

It was a disappointing day yesterday

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."

Paul Boese.

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(L-R) Ness Of Brodgar and Velvet Vision

Garrel Glen

It’s a damp autumn morning, not cold and would be much better if we had had a frost. There is no wind and the forecast seems to be very similar for the rest of the week. It looks to me like the ground at Ascot for the big finale at the weekend will be on the soft side as Windsor, which is not very far away, was abandoned yesterday because of the rain. The ground now at Ascot has soft and heavy in the description but if there is no rain between now and the weekend the straight course will dry up considerably quicker than the rest of the track. We have plenty of people in this morning and have been using Southfields Round canter for most of the lots.

Exercise over 

... now back to the yard

It was a disappointing day yesterday. I think I took a chance with Pageant Master. He has gone up 3lbs today for his Newcastle run so it was worth a go, but obviously the run came too quick for him. I will now regroup and let him have a bit longer between races. Velvet Voice ran ok and should be capable of winning on that sort of ground. She had a good blow afterwards as would be expected after her long break. Both Four Fifty Three and True Calling didn’t get into the race at any stage and were disappointing. It looks like Four Fifty Three doesn’t like the turf and will have to stick to the all-weather. We will give True Calling the benefit of the doubt as she has not run for a long time and will improve for the outing.

The sun is just breaking through the cloud

There is a very good article by George Baker today in the Racing Post about the rules and regulations in different countries. He agrees with me and Sir Mark Prescott that the whip rule here, when you can break the law and still win the race, is wrong. He explains and gives examples of how racing abroad is different from here and how we have got a win at all cost attitude, especially in all the big races. He says it doesn’t make a lot of sense when rules can be broken and there is not the ultimate threat of disqualification. He also says there are too many things you can get away with as a jockey nowadays and everybody would be better off if the uncertainty was removed. George was a very good jockey who very sadly had to retire, but if he keeps writing like this will have a long career in journalism. His common sense take on this situation is a pleasure to read.