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We had some rain overnight

Thursday, 11 October 2018

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work."


Velvet Voice

Rosie Scot

It’s a bright sunny morning once again with a slight breeze. At some time during the night we must have had a good shower of rain as there were a few puddles as I drove in first thing Most of the country will be getting plenty of rain this weekend and let’s hope, although it is not forecast, that the east of England gets some as well. We have a good lot of people in once again and the horses have been getting a good healthy exercise on the polytracks as normal. All has gone well.

Second lot walking home

I see the bookmakers in Ireland are up in arms about the small increase in betting tax. It will be fascinating to see how many shops do actually shut and what income is generated from it. Let’s hope, as the Irish columnist in the Racing Post today says, that Horseracing Ireland spends any extra money wisely. It would not be good if the money were spent at the top of racing once again. It must be aimed at the middle and lower sectors and the programme book tweaked so that there is more imaginative race planning, so giving others a chance of surviving. Where have I heard myself say that before? It certainly needs to happen here and quickly. As the sales this week shows, there are three or four big teams and the rest are nowhere. I am sure that next week Book 2 will be interesting and then Book 3 and 4 will be very enlightening. We have just received the catalogue for the Horses In Training sale and there are over 1600 horses entered. A tremendous percentage of what is actually in training. I am sure these horses will all find homes as Tattersalls do a great job of bringing overseas buyers in, but we need to encourage home grown owners and people to keep them in training in the UK. We will only do that by increasing the prize money and giving everybody a chance with a level playing field.

Rainford with the saddle on and learning the next stage

Going well

Tim is getting stuck into the yearlings now with saddles, side reins and long reins on them all. These young horses are so trusting and it is a great credit to our stud staff that do such a great job. We break horses the old fashioned way, taking it quietly and slowly and not rushing them. Plenty of driving them about gives them a good mouth so when the riders are actually on, they can steer them without too many problems. We will then start to go out in groups and do figures of eights and canter steadily. Kindness is number one on our list and giving the horses confidence to go forward is the next.