Onwards and upwards ...

We are starting to bring in the yearlings today

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

"Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself."

Harriet Nelson.

Ness Of Brodgar, True Calling and Velvet Vision working first lot

It’s a very still morning with the temperature holding up well. There is no sign of rain, which is disappointing, but the lads love it because it is much nicer to work in this environment. We have had a very good morning so far doing fast work with three lots on the Peat Moss gallops which are riding like a carpet at present. I couldn’t be happier with how the horses are coming on and although it is late in the season, I am sure we will be having some very good runners shortly.

Second lot with Garrison Law and Roof Garden

... and Four Fifty Three and Pageant Master

The first lot of yearlings are arriving today. Four home grown colts who will soon settle in no doubt and Tim is champing at the bit to get on with them. It is amazing how they love being broken in. It is like going to school and learning new things. It should be an enjoyable experience and with us it always is. Beat them with kindness has always been my motto and always will be. You will very rarely find a bad character amongst the horses in my yard as kindness is the number one thing they all get.

Walking back to the yard

There has been a great article this week on Khalid Abdullah and his empire. Today’s piece in the Racing Post is on his 10 best horses. He has had thousands who have all had ability but these are the 10 that stood out and what a 10 they were. It’s topped, of course, by Frankel whose stock is selling so well at the sales. He has always run a most brilliant stud with the rearing and selection process, whether it is for racing or breeding, done in a most calm and experienced way. His families just go on and on and great credit should be given to all behind the scenes, the staff, who produce the goods year in year out. A very quiet understated man, he has done so much for the industry without the fanfare we get from other groups. He is 81 now and it will be interesting to see what happens and whether anybody in the family will take up the baton. There must be somebody with an interest in horses who would be able to take over such a magnificent outfit.