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Every little helps

Tuesday, 02 October 2018

"Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,

The harvest can be either flowers or weeds."


Belle Bayeux

It’s an overcast morning with a few good showers of rain, but not for long. I didn’t think these were forecast but anything is welcome. The staff are doing sterling work and we have been cantering on Southfields Round for most of the morning. All has gone well. Let’s hope this rain does keep on so we can have some runners.

Garrison Law

There’s an interesting article by Criquette Head today in the Racing Post. She is talking about the ownership problem in France and how it compares with here. Their social laws, tax and staff situation impact on their costs enormously. We are very lucky here in England that we have a daily newspaper, the Racing Post, plus nearly every other newspaper carries the racing cards. It is certainly not like that in France. I don’t think Criquette has come up with any additional ideas to attract new owners but cost is at the top of everybody’s list. I know of no substitute that can create the feeling you get when your horse actually wins a race, or for that matter runs really well and this is the aspect of racing we should try to get across. To my mind we are in a situation at the moment that people are sitting on their hands and waiting to see which way the political system jumps when the government finally sorts out Brexit. It may give us a big boost and let’s hope it does because new owners are greatly needed by the majority of trainers in this country and nobody likes to see the same people win all the time. Our country has always loved the underdog and racing is one of those sports that occasionally it happens, but the powers that be should be making it a much more level playing field so that everybody who enters the sport is not lost to us after a year or two.

Velvet Vista

Our last field of mares are starting to be weaned today, two today and two on Thursday. It has all gone smoothly so far this year and Angie and David will be sorting them out into their groups for the winter months. As I said earlier in the week the first lot of yearlings will be coming into me on Thursday and then we can start to sort the fields out.