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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

"It is a mistake to suppose that people succeed through success; they often succeed through failures."


Indian Red

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(L) Roof Garden  (R) Velvet Voice

It’s a ditto day once again and in fact the temperature is just going up and up. I don’t think I am going to talk about it anymore, to everybody’s relief no doubt, until we get some rain. Everybody is in and working brilliantly well and the horses are looking and feeling fantastic. A good canter round Southfields Round, followed by another canter up Hamilton Hill has been the exercise for everything this morning. All has gone well.

Ginger Lady

There was an incident at Market Rasen at the weekend where the judge had to give a dead heat as he didn’t have a mirror image to help him. Evidently the track is so wide that the camera won’t work at that distance. We have had these incidents before and I thought the BHA had got the matter sorted out, but when you read the report on the incident, it is clear that a few courses have still got this problem. In this day and age it is not acceptable that the proper result cannot be given. The BHA is solely responsible and must sort this matter out with all urgency. Just an aside though, this was a small race at Market Rasen, what would have happened and what would the outcry have been if it were one of the big important meetings?

Four Fifty Three leading the canter

There’s an interesting article today in the Post about trainers and how the author thinks they scale the heights. As chairman of the Newmarket Trainers Federation and representing all the 70 odd trainers here in town, which includes six or seven who have massive strings and train for the great and good, the majority of trainers all do the job brilliantly well and can train any type of horse. However, getting hold of those good ones is always difficult as finances are the most important item. Agents nowadays seem to have so much sway in where horses finish up. You also find, very similar to football clubs, that if a horse shows ability, the reality is that it has to be sold to square the books up, meaning the smaller trainer who gets lucky with a horse, cannot afford to keep it as the offer is too big and the risk too large. The fact is, training has always been like this and there are so many good trainers who never get the acknowledgment that they deserve. It is the same with jockeys and stable staff, it is just a fact of how the industry is run and how it has evolved.