A Royal Ascot winner goes to the States ...

Southfields Round was the gallop of choice

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

"Spread your wings and let the fairy in your fly!"


Using the Southfields Round at first lot

Cantering round the bend

It’s another very good morning with the flag at full mast once again. It is overcast, much cooler and very pleasant for everybody to work in. We are still pulling out at 5.30 and are getting finished well before 11, which is good for both the horses and people. Southfields Round polytrack has been the main cantering ground. This track was completely refurbished about a month ago and is in perfect condition at present. You can go both ways on it at set times and the horses learn to settle very well. You can do plenty of long steady work, which is sometimes better than quick fast work.

Exercise complete

The BHA enquiry into inside information finished yesterday with the verdict due possibly on Friday. The Irish vet was very well represented and his QC pointed out all the holes in the case. It will be fascinating to see the outcome.

Back into the yard for a pick of grass

For those of you who know Des and Mariann who run Swordlestown Little Stud in Ireland, there is a great article on them both in the Thoroughbred Daily News. They have just put a horse into training with us and let’s hope she is as good as the last one I had for them, Theola.