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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

"In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are."

Arnold H. Glasow.

Trotting up Hamilton Hill to warm up

It was beautiful sunshine first thing this morning, but as we write this it is beginning to cloud over and looks like rain. It is forecast though so we shouldn’t be too surprised when it does arrive. The temperature has dropped and in the breeze that we have it is really quite chilly.  We have no runners today so have a full complement of staff who are all working hard. We are sticking to Hamilton Hill this morning and all has gone well.

Garrison Law walking round the yard at second lot

Before cantering up Hamilton Hill

We were delighted with Pageant Master yesterday who showed plenty of ability, but ran green when coming under pressure. He will improve considerably for this run and is sure to win races. There are still plenty of shares for sale or lease in him and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. He is great value. Saint Anthony was disappointing once again and I can’t work out whether he put much effort in, or the trip was much too far. I will be having a discussion with the syndicate shortly before our next action.

Tim getting feedback from the riders

There was an incredible incident yesterday at Punchestown in the Champion Novice Chase and whatever happened to the jockey in the lead nobody knows. As yet we have not heard from the connections, either the jockey or trainer, and it will be fascinating to see what comes out in the next few days. The stewards gave the jockey 21 days for dangerous riding, which to my mind is a minimum sentence as it affected so many things. If you have not seen it already try and see a replay as you won’t believe it.