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Another foal born on the stud

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword."

Charles Reade.

Ttmab leading Four Fifty Three

It’s an overcast morning once again, but the temperature has held up well and there is no sign of rain. The forecasters have been predicting a very warm week with the temperature soaring to over 20 degrees Wednesday and Thursday. I hope they are right as it will certainly boost the growth of grass and keep everybody happy. We have one non-runner and one injured today so we are a bit short on the ground, but we have just taken on somebody who is starting tomorrow and another one who is coming for an interview tonight, so there is some hope on the horizon. We have had plenty of visitors from first light and they are still arriving as we speak. With the Craven meeting and sales on, it attracts the great and the good from around the world.

Gee Sixty Six

Four Miracles had a filly foal by Farhh at 2 o’clock this morning, which meant I got very little sleep once again, but it is a nice big filly with no white on it and it was soon up and sucking off his mother. This means we only have one to go, but a very important one in Topatoo which is due from this weekend onwards. She was in the next door foaling box last night and was taking it all in as usual. It is amazing how these mares know when something is going on. The old adage, when mares are overdue it is usually a colt, has been knocked this last few days as our last three foals have all been fillies and all were well overdue.

Bay filly by Farhh ex Four Miracles

It’s the start of the Craven meeting today when a lot of bubbles will be burst. Trainers run their better horses here and the ones that have been showing them plenty this spring. You can go there thinking you have got a world beater only to go back home with your tail between your legs after getting beaten. The ground here at Newmarket will be on the soft side after all the rain we have had and we have had very little grass growth as yet. It is certainly good that we are getting racing back on the turf as we seem to have been on the all-weather for a very long time.

Velvet Vision

Velvet Vision has been spotlighted by our vets at Rossdales and Partners in their online magazine, and the article makes for very good reading. You can find it at There are plenty of interesting snippets in this professionally produced publication which are well worth reading.