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When will this rain ever stop

Thursday, 12 April 2018

"Accept the things to which fate binds you and love the people with whom fate brings you together, and do so with all your heart."

Marcus Aurelius.

Ttmab cantering up Hamilton Hill

It’s still raining, in fact thundering down on the hut this morning. It is misty, cold and I just don’t know when it is going to stop as the sky is still full. All in bar one this morning and the horses have been getting out well, but a good spell of warm weather would be very much appreciated by everybody. It is just getting beyond a joke now, even Warren Hill turf is shut as the ground is so wet and it is becoming a ploughed field. There are also a lot of race meetings off, so thank goodness for the all-weather tracks which are keeping us going, although they continue to have such late finishes.

Indian Red in the mist and murk

Four Fifty Three evidently didn’t stay last night but from his bad draw Silvestre had to use him up and was pretty wide most of the way. It may turn out to be a useful race though and there should be plenty of future winners come from it. I will wait now until we get some good ground turf to run him again. The staff said there was hardly anybody there last night and they got back way past midnight, which is ridiculous, but the BHA don’t seem to take any notice of the participants or think of the staff. These evening meetings where nobody attends are purely for the computer punters who are supposedly keeping our industry afloat.

Gregorian ex Topaling filly foal

After Tuesday night’s foal we had another one yesterday afternoon when Topaling gave birth to her first foal, a filly by Gregorian. She didn’t know what was happening really, but once she started to push, the foal soon popped out and was up and sucking in not too long a time. You are always wary of maiden foalers, but she has turned out to be a good mother and loves her foal. It is a marvellous family all stemming back to Topatori, who was Michael and mother Bowring’s foundation mare. This line has bred nothing but winners ever since.


It is the start of the Grand National meeting today, which is hopefully going to be on ground better than heavy. In fact I see they are calling it soft, good to soft on the Mildmay course but we will have to wait and see what the jockeys say after riding on it. If they have had any of the rain that we have had it will certainly be on the slow side. It is a great few days though and the atmosphere will be electric, especially on Saturday when the most famous race in the world is run. I was born on Grand National day and have always wanted a runner in it, but as yet I have not had anything near. I must thank everybody for all the cards and presents I got for my birthday last weekend, very much appreciated.

Richard and I are in battle once again in the tipping competition and our thoughts are below. The stake is a £10 win on each race.


1.45  Brain Power     2.20  Cristal Icon     2.50  Double Shuffle     3.25  Supasundae     4.05  Grand Vision     4.40  Bun Doran     5.05  Gataway Katie Mai


1.45  Brain Power     2.20  We Have A Dream     2.50  Bristol De Mai     3.25  Cyrus Darius     4.05  Grand Vision     4.40  Theinval     5.05  Buildmeupbuttercup