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Yet another wet morning

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

"A man does not make his destiny: he accepts it or denies it."

Ursula K. Le Guin.

Rum Ration

Another very wet day and it hasn't stopped raining now since Saturday. I don't know how much we have actually had, but everywhere is flooded and the sky still looks full of plenty more. The only goood thing on the horizon is that I heard on the long range forecast they are predicting a heat wave at the end of May just in time for the Royal wedding. We shall all be complaining that the ground is too firm by then. Only one non runner this morning but we gained another so I've been able to have everything out and give them a good exercise. It's miserable in these conditions but everybody is working well.

Astrofire leading Astroblaze

Our two runners last night didn't trouble the judge. Gee Sixty Six was given a very good ride and had every chance. I think he needs to see eight flights of hurdlers as quickly as possible, and Velvet Voice wants to be going over a much longer trip. It was a miserable night last night with absolutely nobody there, and these are the meetings which certainly want knocking on the head. Everybody was impatient to get home and I know our box didn't get back until way after midnight. With the weather as it was, it was bad driving on the motorways and then you have the A14 diversions just as you think you are nearly home.

Walking home in the rain

There is a good letter today in the Racing Post from Mrs. Ben Haslam making the case for the non-runner rule. The conclusion is very similar to what I suggested last week, in that the 48 hour declaration is the major problem. As I said before there are no jump trainers on the list who only have the 24 hour rule. Mrs. Haslam's explanation and description of what they instinctively knew about their filly was proved quite correct, and horse welfare should be paramount.  When you are not allowed to self certificate the instinct of the trainer is taken away. This rule is supposed to be in the interest of the punter, but in my opinion it is purely for the racecourses who want full fields to get their media right money, which is conditional on field sizes. Once again it is the horses that suffer and the BHA should ponder on this.