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Stalls training went well

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

"I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."



It’s a dark, wet, cold morning with a strong wind, which is driving the rain and hail across the yard and heath and making it five degrees colder than it should be. At present it is hammering against the hut roof and looks like it is going to stay like it for most of the day. We have had two good lots out and with everybody in again, a couple of maiden fillies went through the stalls at second lot without too much of a problem.

Garrison Law is going well

I see once again the Racecourse Media Groups have gone their own separate ways on the media and distribution rights for British and Irish racing. This is basically selling our pictures overseas and who gets the money. Why we need two operators is beyond me and why we can’t just be one industry altogether, working for the same goal, I don’t know. There was a deal struck between the BHA, The Horseman’s Group and the racecourses which everybody thought would solve this problem, but this has cracked it right through the middle. I hope common sense will eventually work, but there is very little of it in the top echelons and the executives who run the sport, mores the pity.

Isaac Murphy

The new racing administration website will be officially launched tomorrow with the old one being shut down. I know we will get used to it, but once again whoever designed it has no idea of working in a trainer’s office as they would never have designed it this way.  The BHA think they know what trainers want, or how things work, but they have absolutely no idea whatsoever and although, as I say, this website will work and we will all get used to it, the original one was 10 times better in every way. However, somebody had to obviously make money out of the design and program and as usual we have all paid for it out of fees and everything else that is charged. To my mind it should never have changed.