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The horses are all doing well

Thursday, 25 January 2018

"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."

J.R.R. Tolkien.

Cantering up Hamilton Hill

It’s a bright, clear, cool morning with a slight breeze and this is keeping the temperature down. Everybody is in once again, although one was 20 minutes late. We have been cantering on the polytracks close to home and everything so far has gone smoothly. All the horses are progressing well and we are starting to get the two-year-old fillies, which came in a bit later this year, out on the heath. A good sign with horses is when they eat well, and this lot are certainly packing it away, their coats also look marvellous, which is another good sign.

Four Fifty Three

As I anticipated, the draw was the big problem yesterday with Topalova having no luck whatsoever. She was the only one really finishing and would have been very close in another furlong, or in fact even less. I am sure there is a race or two in her, but we need to have everything go right and yesterday everything that could go wrong, did. We also got completely soaked as it never stopped raining all day. There were very few people at Lingfield and I am sure there would have been under a hundred actual paying customers. There must be a call soon to make entry free for all these mid-week meetings as I am sure that would bolster the attendance. 

Indian Red

I see the BHA has called for a full review of the anti-doping rules after the recent high profile cases have gone against them. These rules need very careful thinking about and I hope we have all the sensible people involved, the ones that understand how this industry works, rather than those who think they know how it works. Keeping the game completely free of drugs is a must and there must be clarity within the rules. The penalties for breaking the rules must be prohibitive, but with all these things, costs are what hinder the deployment of any new initiative. Drug testing more horses in training in the yards and testing more horses at the track should be high on the agenda. I remember when the industry owned a forensic lab of their own. This would have been an ideal situation now, but it was sold off to the highest bidder and costs have just escalated out of all proportion. I await with interest the outcome of the review.