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We have a good list of runners ahead

Monday, 22 January 2018

"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings."

C.D. Jackson.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s a bright day which started off a bit drizzly, but now is blue sky and no breeze. The forecast is for a bit of rain / snow to come across this afternoon with the temperature set to rise during the week. We have not had a bad morning so far with one non-runner, a new starter and one that only lasted first lot, so the flag is at three quarter height, but has been going up and down all morning. We are getting on well with the new two-year-olds as well, so all in all not a bad time.

TTMAB back out on the gallops after his run on Friday

Dami Judi Dench and Bryan Agar with TTMAB at Lingfield

Last week was good for us, with plenty of decent runners and the one that ran Friday and the two on Saturday all look to have futures ahead of them. We will be having three or four runners this week and let’s hope for good luck again. There is nothing like horses running well to cheer people up, staff, owners and the trainer.

Saint Anthony

Garrison Law

It is sad to hear of the retirement of Criquette Head-Maarek who is the most loveliest of ladies, a brilliant trainer and always so calm, kind and courteous when you meet her. She comes from the brilliant Head family who are horsemen through and through and her handling of the top horses that she has had, has been nothing more than amazing. Anabaa, Bering, Ma Biche, Three Troikas and Treve had their careers nurtured and mapped out wonderfully. I hope she has a very happy and long retirement - she deserves it - and will be held up as an example of what anybody can achieve if putting their mind to it.

Taking a turn

I see the bookmaker’s shares have already dropped this morning with very nervous times ahead for them. The minister for culture, media and sport is giving off vibes that £2 will be the maximum stake for their FOBT machines. I think they thought when Matthew Hancock got the job he would be on their sides, but this looks like a massive deduction and these very profitable machines will soon be taking a lot less. It might mean that more money is bet on the horses, or it may be that this is just a warning to the bookmakers to play ball with the industry. It will be fascinating to see how it all develops, but won’t it be nice to go into a betting shop and see people watching real horseracing, rather than the spin of a wheel.