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The weather today is awful

Monday, 15 January 2018

"Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you."

Roger Ebert.

On Hamilton Hill in the rain

It’s an extremely wet and very windy morning with heavy bands of rain blowing across at frequent intervals. The forecast is for it to be like it for most of the day and then clear up before more showers and colder weather arrive from mid-week onwards. I just hope we don’t get that American east coast weather where it was minus 30. Apart from one non-runner, we have got a full complement of staff and everybody is working really well, despite the terrible weather. Getting the horses in and out on days like this is easy in our situation as we are adjacent to the Hamilton Hill canter and it is perfect for a good trot and a normal canter. All has gone well so far.

     01_Tpin     03_TT
(L) Topapinion and (R) TTMAB

We were delighted to see Indian Red win at Wolverhampton on Saturday night. He did it in clear cut fashion and is certainly starting to improve as he grows into his frame. He is a great big horse who has needed time and will keep improving for the next couple of years. He will make a very good hurdler, but that could wait until next year. His dam has been marvellous and has bred so many winners. We have got a yearling in the field at home which looks very strong and will be in next season.

Astrofire ran perfectly adequately at Southwell yesterday. She handled the surface ok and in a race that I think with throw up a few winners, she performed with great credit. She will get a handicap mark now and we will just have a look at that before deciding which way to go with her.

     04_Ness     05_Rum
(L) Ness Of Brodgar and (R) Rum Ration

There was an interesting development in Ireland at the end of last week when the Ballydoyle team lost a court case about whether their staff was classified as agriculture workers or not. This could have a real big knock on effect with staff in Ireland and I am sure an appeal to a higher court will be imminent. When working with any animal, it is not a nine to five job, it is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and everybody who runs a business understands this. The staff work tremendously hard in all conditions (today is a typical example) and the employers try to give them as much leeway as possible, but the horses and the animals are the ones that matter and should take preference. I hope that common sense will prevail in this case as for the life of me I cannot see why anybody would want to complain, or feel aggrieved, about Aidan and his team.

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