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We have two runners today at Chelmsford

Thursday, 11 January 2018

"The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy."

Jim Rohn.

A dark morning

It’s a very damp day once again with fog hanging around as well. It seems to have been wet and horrible for the last few weeks and we are starting to get fed up with it. Some good clear dry mornings would do everybody the power of good. When you go out on the heath and the walking grounds are muddy, the horses come back covered in polytrack and wet carrstone. We have had a good morning so far with the horses cantering and apart from one non-runner, we are getting on well.

The Guv'nor is out clipping this morning

Bracken Brae travelled well for a long way yesterday but when push comes to shove, I don’t think she puts a lot of effort in nowadays on the flat. We now have three options - a pair of blinkers to see if that helps, have a run over hurdles or fences, or retire her to stud. We will be discussing this shortly.

We have two runners today both at Chelmsford. Topalova is our first runner at 7.30. We have put blinkers on her once again and let’s hope it concentrates her mind. She is capable of being competitive in a race like this. Clearance is our next runner in the 8 o’clock. The exact same comments apply to him in that he should be competitive if putting his best foot forward.

Having a nice pick of grass at the stud

I see a survey has been done on a variety of sports on whether they are exciting or not. I don’t know who the survey asked and what cross section of the public they were, but how they can come to the conclusion that athletics was the most exciting I just don’t know. In fact they make golf the most boring, followed by American football and cricket. I think this is one of those surveys to just completely ignore.

Smokey Oakey and Dame Judi Dench receiving a cheque for £10,000 for the RDA from Copthorne Golf Club, West Sussex

I am glad to see the stewards are starting to fight back against the BHA’s wish to have professional stewards only. The way it works now is that the volunteers do a great job and just give that bit of independence and reasoning, which is sometimes needed. I hope the system continues like it is, albeit with a few little tweaks.