Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

We are due to have a very cold snap

Thursday, 30 November 2017

"Understanding the laws of nature does not mean that we are immune to their operations."

David Gerrold.

Lost The Moon

It’s a very cold bright morning and as yet the wind is not as strong as forecast. Thank goodness it’s not as it would be really cold if that were the case. I think it is set to remain near zero for most of the day and we will just have to keep moving about to stay warm. Everybody is in this morning, the flag is flying, and the horses are having a good healthy exercise, so everybody is happy.


Every trainer in Newmarket loves Chelmsford City as it is close, the prize money is very good, and the owners and lads are looked after well, but I cannot see this turf track idea of theirs being a success. It will be so tight and narrow that fair racing will be very hard to produce as the draw will play such an important part. I have always personally really liked Chelmsford, even when it was Great Leighs, as it has got a charm of its own, but all they need to do is build a proper grandstand and concentrate on the track. They would grow their fan base enormously by doing this. The catchment area is very good and with a little bit of brainpower, the course could be a raging success. I am not sure wasting money on a turf track is worth it, but as always I could be wrong.

True Calling

The majority of racecourses have signed up to a new Tote company which will be launched shortly. There is already plenty of insider chat as to what it will be called and how it will operate.  Betfred have kept the original Tote just ticking over, without coming up with any great new initiatives, so the racecourses must employ people with imagination, foresight and drive for their new product as it could produce a great new income stream for the industry, if run properly. It may take time, but let’s hope they get it right.