Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

Exercise has been kept close to home

Wednesday, 04 October 2017

"He who has a weak constitution becomes stronger by manual exercise than a robust man without it."


Enjoying the grass at Dullingham Park

It’s an overcast, slightly breezy morning, but dry and not too cold, although I do have two coats on at present. We have been keeping close to home this morning with two good canters on Hamilton Hill for the majority of the horses. All has gone well. We are still one down rider wise and one down in the yard. It just means more work for everybody else, but the ones we have are doing a great job.

     37_Flower     40_Flower
MHT found these out at exercise

At last the powers that be are starting to get the rules of racing into uniform order and the one that concerns interference in races, will now come in throughout Europe, including France for the first time. It is always tricky when going to other countries as their rules are different from one another and you can get caught out. I have been campaigning for a worldwide unification of horseracing rules, which would make it a lot easier and much better for the punters to understand. Every other sport seems to have one set of rules, but horseracing, for some unknown reason, have to be different. At least this is a start though and you will not get horses thrown out for a minor discretion, as they have been in the past. Also I think the padded whip that is in use will be another rule brought in. These rules must be for the better.

Exercise over, making their way back to the yard

Weaning is in full swing now on the stud. The first lot went very well and they are onto the second batch this week. It is done in such a way that there is as little stress as possible on both mare and foal. There are always some mothers that are pleased to see the back of their offspring and ones that aren’t, but if you do it in the correct way, which Angie does, everybody soon settles down. It will be sad to see the two foster mothers leave us as they have been absolutely marvellous and brought both foals up really well. What a great service this is and there are so many studs very grateful.